Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I started off on my shopping journey I wandered into the Buy the Pound thrift store.

I explored every corner of every room. I rummaged through boxes stacked on boxes.I looked under all the clothing racks.

This place is a chaotic wonderland of this and that.
Way in the back I found chairs, tables, cabinets, coffee tables, beds everything was stacked the ceiling!
What a sight! I thought to myself AWESOME!

In a room off to the left towards the back I discovered stacks and stacks of blankets, pillows, sheets, table cloths, and curtains. freakin sweet!

I wondered to the right side of the store and found 2 more rooms.
One was filled with mens clothing and electronics.

As I walked to the back I found a hallway of shelves to the ceiling full of new and used shoes. Super cool.

Following the hallway back I found a smaller room filled with outdoor gear and Vinyl Records.
Those are always so much fun to look at :0)

I found many awesome treasure and great deals that made me smile way too much.

The first was a down comforter twin size. In perfect shape just like new. No stains or tears. I payed a whopping $4.00 usd.

The next things I found were very cute brown tote with black stars and a Nautica jeans army green canvas messager bag.
I paid 2.00 usd for both!! woo hoo

I found many things and I don't feel like listing everything but I assure you they were all great!

I saved the best for last :0) well in my oppinion :0)
A coffee mug of all things that says FOR MY COFFEE BREAK don't know why but I think it is the greatest thing ever!
Go figure!!

I will follow up in a couple days with the scoop on the Shop and
it's owners along with more photos :0)

If you would like to visit this store it is called
Buy the Pound
639 W. Int'l Airport Rd #30 Anchorage, Alaska
In the blue strip mall on international between Arctic and C st.
Tell them I said hi!!
Chow for now Patty
9:31 AM 10/21/2009

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