Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Great Idea!!

It all started with a simple question on Twitter about 20 minutes ago! :0)

It was if you love thrift stores rt.

Wow alot of people rted.

lol and then i asked a little later who would do a scavenger hunt with finding certain things at thrift stores.

You guys were happy to say yes.

I suggested maybe a blog about thrift stores and thrift store finds from everywhere. You guys were like SWEET! lol so 20 minutes later I am here letting you all know this is going to be a blast!!

@Jen2Squared had this idea for the first scavenger hunt!!! and the title of the Blog!!! Thanks lady
If you @recyclersrealm on twitter a thrift store halloween costume on halloween and we vote you as the most awesome!!! I will send you a 10.00 visa gift card. You don't have to buy it just wear it in the changing room or buy it. It is up to you!! I can't wait to see :0) Let the fun begin!!!

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