Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Rumage Room

I went to a thrift store run by the Catholic Church called The Rummage room. It is a cute A frame building located off Jewel Lake Rd. 

I went in search of a cardigan navy blue. Sadly to say I did not find one but I did find some really cool stuff.
I found plenty of crafting items for myself and my children. I found wood toy blocks and a fairy felt book play set.  I also was able to find pokemon keychains for the kiddos. I also found a crazy tote made of woven orange verigated twine and lined with a slippery orange fabric.  This store is  very organized and clean. Lots of parking and fair prices. 
I suggest a visit if your in town :0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roll call and New Contest

The last contest was a sad sad failure.

I hope this one is not.

This is a scavenger hunt in thrift stores.

Winner gets a custom made shopping bag. This bag is made from upcycled fabrics,and is machine washable.

You choose the range of colors and general style of design and I will try my best to match it.

The contest.....

I am wanting to see The most bizarre accessories.

You may enter as many pics as you would like

You don't have to buy it. Just take pics of it for us to vote on.

Email tweet me your pics on twitter.

NO DMS PLEASE......@recyclersrealm is fine I will get it :0) thanks

Deadline is November 15th by midnight Alaska time

I really can't wait to see what you find

comment or tweet me anytime :0) thanks patty
below is a link 4 a sample shopping bag